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Community Events

The City of Langley proudly hosts many community events throughout the year; see our list of annual events on the menu to the left.

For a complete list of upcoming events on Langley City property visit the city events page

If you have any questions or would like any further information about any of our events or how to host an event email us at

Book an Event on Langley City Property

Interested in hosting a community event, festival or fundraiser? The City of Langley is home to many beautiful parks and outdoor venues to host your upcoming outdoor event.

Application Process
Follow these simple steps listed below if you would like to plan a Special Event in the City of Langley.

Step 1: Complete the Special Event Application - CLICK HERE to download the form

Step 2: You will be notified by the Recreation, Culture and Community Services Department if your event has been approved. At this time you may be required to provide additional information.
Step 3: You will be issued an event contract and permit.


What Events Must Follow This Process?

Throughout the year, the City of Langley is home to several special events requiring a great deal of planning, communication, and cooperation.
The City of Langley intends to be proactive in attracting new special events to our community, as well as working with the existing event organizers to further the success of their events. The management of special events on City of Langley property requires the coordinated efforts of City staff to ensure the event operates safely and adheres to applicable by-laws, policies, and procedures.

The primary characteristics of Special Events is that they: are open to the public, are a celebration or display of a specific theme, take place annually or less frequently, or have a definite opening and closing time. Some examples of special events that must follow this process are community festivals, walk-a-thons, car shows, fundraisers, and parades.
Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and other functions not open to the public do not constitute a special event that needs to follow this process. Any event held on property that is not City of Langley property does not need to follow this process.

Book our Community Stage

This stage is available for Langley community groups putting on free community events. The stage is 20 ft. wide x 16 ft. deep which makes it an ideal platform for a variety of different entertainment venues.

For booking information and availability please phone Douglas Recreation Centre at (604) 514-2865 or email

Event Fees and Charges

Below is a list of our rates and charges for event facilities for your reference; fees are subject to change.  Please note that additional fees and charges may be applicable to your event rate based on the information received on the event request application.


Facility Fee Type Fee
City Park - Gazebo Non-Profit $4.00 / hour
Public $4.00 / hour
Commercial $4.00 / hour
City Park - Picnic Shelter Non-Profit $8.00 / hour
Public $8.00 / hour
Commercial $8.00 / hour
Community Stage (portable) Non-Profit $225.00 / day
Public n/a
Commercial n/a
Douglas Recreation Centre - Multipurpose Rm Non-Profit $12.50 / hour
Public $18.00 / hour
Commercial $27.00 / hour
Douglas Recreation Centre - Main Hall (half) Non-Profit $18.00 / hour
Public $36.00 / hour
Commercial $54.00 / hour
Douglas Recreation Centre - Main Hall (whole) Non-Profit $36.00 / hour
Public $72.00 / hour
Commercial $118.00 / hour
Douglas Park Spirit Square Non-Profit $25.00 / hour
Commercial $38.00 / hour
Local Schools $10.00 / hour
Innes Plaza Non-Profit $38.00 / hour
Public $76.00 / hour
Commercial $114.00 / hour
McBurney Plaza Non-Profit $38.00 / hour
Public $76.00 / hour
Commercial $114.00 / hour