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Recycling Changes – Same Service, Same Provider (Recycle BC)


Overview of residential recycling collection program provided by Recycle BC in the City of Langley 

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling throughout British Columbia, servicing over 1.8 million households or over 98% of BC. 

Recycle BC ensures packaging and paper is collected from households and recycling depots, sorted and responsibly recycled. Our program is funded by businesses, like retailers, manufacturers and restaurants that supply packaging and paper to BC residents, shifting costs away from homeowners. 

Collection of residential recycling in the City of Langley in managed in one of two ways: 

Curbside collection 

With curbside collection, each individual household has its own set of recycling boxes. Residents set the boxes out on the “curbside” on the morning of collection. A recycling truck stops at each household, empties the contents into the truck to transport for recycling, and returns the empty boxes to curb. Starting on July 1, 2020, Recycle BC and the City of Langley will be serviced by GFL Environmental to pick up recycling from homes. Recycle BC provides this service to residents at no cost. 

Multi-family collection 

In multi-family collection, all households included in the complex share one set of large, rolling recycling carts. The carts are kept in a centralized area such as a garbage room or shed. All residents bring their material to the shared carts. The recycling truck makes one stop at the building and services all the carts collectively. In the City of Langley, Recycle BC has one contracted collection partner, Emterra Environmental. Recycle BC provides payment for collection services to the multi-family contractor to defer the cost of the recycling collection service. Multi-family contractors may charge fees to buildings for any costs that exceed the value of the payment by Recycle BC, for example rental of the recycling carts. 

Recycle BC, with assistance from the contractors servicing the area, will determine the best collection method for each property. 

Multi-family properties may reach out to Recycle BC at 778-588-9504 or, or by reaching out to Emterra Environmental directly to enquire about the service. 

Multi-family buildings have the choice to contract their recycling service to another company other than Emterra Environmental, but in this scenario, they would not benefit from the reduction of cost associated with Recycle BC’s payments to Emterra Environmental.  

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