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Field Status Report

Field Status Report




  • Linwood Park - Soccer Field - Open
  • City Park - Soccer Field - Open
  • Rotary Park - closed until further notice

Seasonally, as weather changes, so can the conditions in the City of Langley's sports fields and diamonds. Occasionally, it may become necessary to close our fields and diamonds due to poor conditions.

Field Closures

Poor weather conditions or unsafe field conditions are the primary reasons for sports field closures. Most turf damage occurs with field overuse or use during inclement weather. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that fields are not used when play damages the playing surface.

In order to meet the demand for high-quality fields, and ensure a safe playing field, both weather and field conditions are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that scheduled games do not:

  • Cause abnormal damage to the field surface
  • Jeopardize further scheduled use of fields
  • Compromise personal safety of league players or general public

Fields will be inspected by parks staff during the months of October – April for the following conditions:

  • Standing water on field
  • Snow
  • Frozen field conditions
  • Ongoing field repair
  • Forecasted severe weather warnings

If any of these conditions occur, fields may be temporarily or permanently closed.

Field Open – Coaches Responsibility

Although fields may be open for play as of Friday afternoon, weather and field conditions may deteriorate by game time. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the field users to determine whether or not to resume play. It is the expectation of the City of Langley that home team coaches will inspect the fields two hours prior to game time to ensure the safe and playable condition of the fields based on our critieria.  If the home team coach designates the field as closed, it is their responsibility to notify the visiting team coach and their association. 

Field Status Description

"Discretion" status indicates that fields are open under the condition that the weather conditions deteriorate and there is potential for the field to become unsafeor damaged then it will promptly be designated as "closed" by users.

"Closed" status indicates a field is unavailable for play.

Any teams caught playing on the field may forfeit the right to play on that field for the remainder of the season.

To report field damage, please contact 604-514-2912.