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Pop Up Play

Pop Up Play is now over for the summer! Thanks to everyone who participated in this summers free Pop Up Play program at various neighbourhood parks in Langley City.

Program Schedule

When does the program run?

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  • July and August
  • Note: no program on Saturday, August 15


What parks will the program run out of?
The program will be based out of different neighbourhood parks throughout the summer. The park location for the day will be announced on our social media channels (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) at 8:00am each day the program runs. 


Past Park Locations:

  • Tuesday, July 7 - Linwood Park
  • Thursday, July 9 - Cancelled
  • Saturday, July 11 - Nicholas Park
  • Tuesday, July 14 - Rotary Centennial Park
  • Thursday, July 16 - Portage Park
  • Saturday, July 18 - Dumais Park
  • Tuesday, July 21 - Buckley Park
  • Thursday, July 23 - Linwood Park
  • Saturday, July 25 - Brydon Park
  • Tuesday, July 28 - Conder Park
  • Thursday, July 30 - Dumais Park
  • Saturday, August 1 - Hunter Park
  • Tuesday, August 4 - Portage Park
  • Thursday, August 6 - Rotary Centennial Park
  • Saturday, August 8 - Brydon Park
  • Tuesday, August 11 - Nicholas Park
  • Thursday, August 13 - Linwood Park
  • Saturday, August 15 - Cancelled
  • Tuesday, August 18 - Dumais Park
  • Thursday, August 20 - Cancelled
  • Saturday, August 22 - Conder Park
  • Tuesday, August 25 - Nicholas Park
  • Thursday, August 27 - Portage Park
  • Saturday, August 29 - Linwood Park


Covid-19 Safety Plan

Is it safe for me, or my kids, to participate in Pop Up Play?
We are working hard to make programs as safe as possible in this time of uncertainty. It is of the utmost importance that we all continue to follow the rules set by the health authorities to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

The Pop Up Play program complies with Phase 3 of British Columbia's Restart Plan, as well as the guidelines developed by the Regional Health Authorities, Ministry of Health, and the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Pop Up Play Program Covid-19 Safety Plan


  • Social distancing
  • Keeping 2 meters away from other employees and the public.
  • Leave work / stay at home policy for flu like symptoms.Reduced program hours (2/day) and days per week (3)
  • Routine daily screening for all staff
  • Routine cleaning of all equipment
  • Designated sign-in and sign-out area for equipment

Engineering Controls

  • Regular surface cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, high touch items and barriers such as tables by staff using a spray bottle of Oxivir Plus Cleaning Product and paper towel
  • Handwashing stations (washrooms) will be available at some park locations.
  • Personal bottle of Hand Sanitizer provided to each staff
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the equipment table for the public
  • A table will be used to create a 6-foot (2m) barrier between the public and the staff member at the check-in table.
  • A 12x12 tent with side walls will be used to separate the staff from the public; side walls are mesh to allow for adequate ventilation.
  • Equipment will be stored in mesh bags, to be distributed to the public on a sign-in/sign-out basis
  • Staff will sign-in/sign-out equipment; when equipment is handed to the public the staff will place on table and then step back, then ask the public to move forward to pick up equipment. Same process in reverse when equipment is returned, plus staff will wear gloves when placing used equipment in the dirty bin area.
  • After equipment is used it will be placed in dirty bin; this equipment will not be used again by the public until it has been cleaned/disinfected. This will be done on-site, if possible based on the equipment type, or at Timms Community Centre in MPR1; this allows for access to two (2) sinks to use soap and water for cleaning. There is also access to laundry facilities and a dishwasher if needed.

Administrative Controls

  • Explicit policy for staff who have the symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 with coughing or sneezing to stay home
  • Signage to ask people not sign out equipment if they are sick or experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms
  • COVID-19 etiquette signage for the public and staff.
  • Exposure Control Plan shared with employees.
  • Reporting of hazards and unsafe work and right to refuse unsafe work.
  • New employees and returning employees trained on COVID-19 protocols before the first day.
  • Training on COVID-19 protocols to staff via emails, handouts and crew talks.
  • Supervisor reminds employees about hand washing, distancing, safety, cleaning.
  • EAP Program or other resources shared.

Protective Equipment

  • Nitrile gloves provided as needed
  • Face mask provided as needed
  • Individual first aid kits for staff; will be sanitized after each day of the program
  • Safety backpack will be provided for the safe storage of facemasks and any additional required PPE and first aid forms
Weather Updates

Program cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted here.

  • Thursday, July 9 - Cancelled
  • Saturday, August 15 - Cancelled
  • Thursday, August 20 - Cancelled