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Volunteer Opportunities

The Recreation, Culture & Community Services Department encourages volunteerism as it promotes healthy individuals, families and communities. Raise your hand to health... find out how you can get involved.
Volunteering is a great way to:
 •Become involved in your community
 •Meet new people
 •Experience something new
 •Take on new challenges
 •Feel good and build self-esteem
 •Fulfill the need to be needed
 •Take pride in sharing your knowledge and abilities
 •Keep your body active
 •Keep your mind active
 •Have fun!
Program Assistant: Click Here For Job Description
Special Event Crew: Click Here For Job Description 
Point of Pride -  Adopt a Park * Street * Trail: Click Here For Job Description

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please email


Please Note:  We are not accepting new Volunteer applications at this time.  Please check back in January 2020.