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Youth Mentorship Program

Youth Mentorship Program


The Youth Mentorship Program matches youth participants between the ages of 15-18 years old with volunteer mentors. The goal of this program is to help youth gain the skills needed as they transition into adulthood in order to lead a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life full of new opportunities. Youth participants and mentors will meet for a minimum of one hour per week for a period of one year. Activities are decided and agreed upon by the mentee and mentor and can range from cooking to sports, eating to hiking, art to board games, events to exhibits, community activities and more. Timms Community Centre will be available for use, but activities do not have to be limited to the facility.

Adult Mentors

Interested in starting a journey that will not only make a difference for a young person in need of a friend and role model but also influence your own life in many positive ways? Become a mentor! Mentors can develop leadership skills and gain a personal sense of satisfaction from knowing that they've helped someone. 

Youth Mentorship Program has many additional benefits, including:

  • Improve communication and personal skills
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Reinforce your own study skills and knowledge of your subject(s)
  • Increase your confidence and motivation
  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers
  • Enhance your resume and CV
  • Increase your circle of friends
  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth
Benefits of Volunteering
  • Gain confidence. Volunteering can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement.
  • Make a difference. Volunteering can have a real and valuable positive effect on people, communities and society in general.
  • Meet people. Volunteering can help you meet different kinds of people and make new friends.
  • Be part of a community. Volunteering can help you feel part of something outside your friends and family.
  • Learn new skills. Volunteering can help you learn new skills, gain experience and sometimes even qualifications.
  • Take on a challenge. Through volunteering, challenge yourself to try something different, achieve personal goals, practice using your skills and discover hidden talents. Get to try new activities and programs.
  • Have fun! Most volunteers have a great time, regardless of why they do it. 

To become a mentor in our program you must meet the following criteria:

  • 19+ years old
  • Ability to commit for a term of one year and for one hour every week
  • Complete the application process
  • Provide a police information check
  • Provide a driver abstract if applicable.
  • Provide three references

The screening process ensures that mentors are able to provide a positive, safe, and supportive experience.  

How to Become a Mentor

To become a mentor in our program you must send in an application form to start the process.

The steps to becoming a mentor:

  1. Submit the application form along with your resume 
  2. Attend an in-person interview and provide three references
  3. Submit police information check and driver's abstract if applicable.
  4. If approved, the mentor will receive a letter of acceptance
  5. Attend a Training Seminar
  6. Match with youth participant
  7. Initial meeting with youth participant, family, and staff
  8. Mentorship begins!

Download an application form here: Mentor application form 


To start the application progress you can send in an application form and resume to our youth programmer. 
Phone: 604-514-2999

You can also contact us with any questions.

Youth Participants (Mentees)

Are you 15-18 years old, and looking for some extra connection and guidance? The Youth Mentorship Program is here to match up teenagers with adult mentors.

What is Mentorship?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people where the individual with more experience, knowledge, and connections provides advice, friendship, and opportunity to a younger less experienced individual. Mentors can be anyone from parents to teachers to coaches to just regular people in your lives. Mentors help young people navigate their lives, learn new skills, develop confidence and more.


Being part of a mentoring program has tons of benefits for young people. Mentoring has been shown to help participants:

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop your communication, study and personal skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your university career
  • Make new friends across year groups
  • Improve self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Increase your overall happiness and quality of life
  • Improve social and relationship skills

To join this program, each participant must meet the eligibility criteria to join. To join the program, participants must:

  • 15-18 years old 
  • Are a City of Langley resident
  • Able to commit for one year, and meet for at least one hour per week
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of this program
  • Communicate effectively with mentor and program staff
  • Willing to learn and try new things
Sign up for a Mentor

To join this program, please complete a referral form and submit it to the email below. Forms can be completed by youth participants or their parents and/or guardians. The process to become part of this program is as follows:


  1. Submit referral form
  2. Attend a meeting to explain the program and gather information about goals
  3. Mentors are contacted for a potential match
  4. Match with a mentor
  5. Initial meeting with mentor and staff set up
  6. Initial meeting takes place
  7. Match begins!

Download the referral form 


Contact information
For more information about this program including referral forms and general questions, please contact our youth recreation programmer, Taran Kingsbury.

Phone: 604.514.2999