Engineering, Parks and Environment Projects

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Check out the 2018 Financial Plan for budget information and a complete list of the City's Capital Improvement Program. Click through the list below for details on active engineering and parks construction projects and planning projects.

Engineering and  Parks Operations Project Maps 

The Engineering, Parks & Environment department has introduced a new and exciting tool. Click on the links below to view maps which provide a visual of all 2018 projects throughout the community.


Simonds and Blacklock  Neighbourhood Projects

Douglas and Nicomekl Neighbourhood Projects

Uplands and Alice Brown Neighbourhood Projects



Construction Projects

For more information on ongoing construction projects in the City, please contact the City Engineering Services department at 604-514-2997 or email

2018 Road Rehabilitation Program

Local residents and business owners are advised that the City will be proceeding with rehabilitation works on a number of local City streets. 

The work is being undertaken by the City’s contractor, Lafarge Canada Inc. and will include some sidewalk restoration, asphalt removal (grinding) and repaving of the selected streets.

Milling, paving and concrete is scheduled for the following locations

  • The intersection of 50 Avenue and 200 Street

Hours of Work/Notifications:

Construction activity will be restricted to the hours of 7AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday.

The contractor will provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of any required service or traffic interruptions that will affect area residents, businesses, and utility owners.

Access During Construction:

The contractor will be required to keep streets open to thru traffic during normal business hours, although some redirection of traffic may be necessary from time to time. Traffic control personnel will be present to direct vehicles and pedestrians safely. Temporary parking restrictions may also be required to facilitate the proposed works.

Staff will be actively monitoring the planned works to minimize disruption wherever possible. Should you require more information on this matter, kindly contact our Engineering Department at (604) 514-2997.

48 Ave Roadworks from 200 St to 203 St

The City’s contractor Lafarge Canada Inc. completed the 48 Avenue Road Improvement Project. The project inlcuded widening 48 Avenue on the north side from 200 Street to 203 Street to allow for bike lanes, new sidewalk from 200 Street to 201 Street, and rebuilding the road with new gravels and asphalt.


Planning Projects

For more information on planning projects in the City, please contact the City Engineering, Parks and Environment department at 604-514-2997 or email

Fraser Highway One-Way Project

The purpose of the Fraser Highway One-Way Revitalization Project is to renew the One-Way and create a more welcoming, vibrant downtown for our growing community. The planned replacement of underground utilities has created an opportunity to improve the area and create a more pedestrian-friendly, inviting experience for businesses and visitors.

To assist with the design process, the City is working with a team of engineers, landscape architects, traffic planners and community engagement specialists.

To date, two rounds of consultation have been completed. Phase One Consultation with residents and businesses sought input on what they most like and most want changed about the Fraser Highway One-Way. Phase Two Consultation in Fall 2018 sought input on design concepts that incorporated key public interests for trees and greenery, vibrant public spaces and improved pedestrian experience for the new One-Way.

Current Project Activities

The City is working to prepare the refined design based on input received during the Phase Two Consultation. The refined design and cost estimate will be presented to Council and shared with the public in early 2019. The City will continue to pursue contribution funding from senior levels of government.

The project design is well underway however, there are a number of design refinements being considered that will continue into 2019.

The City has deferred the originally planned 2019 implementation of the Project. This means that City-sponsored and third-party events on and near the One-Way in 2019 can continue as planned.

Once funding is secured and design is finalized we will begin planning for construction and will develop a communications plan and business liaison program. The City will continue engagement with local businesses and the Downtown Langley Business Association as the Project progresses. 

Consultation Summaries


Nicomekl River Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Langley and the Township of Langley are developing a long-term plan for protecting and improving watershed health in the upper Nicomekl River Watershed (east of 196th Street).

Brydon Park Master Plan

The City will be undertaking a master plan for Brydon Park, located at the corner of 198 Street and 53 Avenue. It is a community park just north of the Nicomekl River, surrounded by a rapidly densifying residential community. In the City's Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, it was noted that this is a partially developed site and that it should be further developed to increase the recreational and social oppurtunities for nearby residents.

Oppurtunities for input throughout the process will be posted on the City website.

For more information contact:

Geoff Mallory, Manager of Parks Operations