Business & Development

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Located in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada, the City of Langley is one of Metro Vancouver’s dynamic and thriving Regional City Centres.  Learn more.  

  • Community Overview — Discover the City of Langley. From demographics and distances to cost of living and market affluence, view our Community Profile, Site Selector Database, Statistical Profile, and more
  • Labour & Employment Data — From labour market statistics to employer and employee resources, view our community’s largest employers, discover skills & development funding, and access provincial and federal job banks
  • Business — Starting or growing your business in the City of Langley?  From retail to industrial, the City of Langley has prepared a number of documents and studies that will give you insights into market data, trends, as well as success stories.
  • Development — Low taxes. Speedy approvals.  Progressive community.  These are only a few of the things that make the City of Langley the place to be.  Learn more. View business profiles, discover tax incentives, see our award-winning Downtown Master Plan and Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy, and much more.   
  • Economic Development Services — The Economic Development Department is here to help facilitate your growth and development in the City of Langley.  Services we provide include strategies, studies, statistics, connections, and more. View a complete listing of current documentation as well as find key contacts.