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Invest Langley City

Langley City is one of the most exciting places in Metro Vancouver to do business. In the heart of the rapidly growing South of Fraser area, Langley City has an excellent location with many transportation links and provides a high quality of life and a low cost of living. Designated as one of seven Regional City Centres within regional plans and identified as the home of a future SkyTrain extension currently in planning, growth and opportunity will only continue in the coming years and we want to help you be part of it.

  • Welcome to Langley City – Learn more about Langley City, what we offer, and how we fit into your investment idea. Get introduced to the community and what makes us a strategic place to do business and a great place to live. You can also access demographics, economic statistics, licencing and development costs, and find information specific to each business sector.
  • Getting Started – Once you decide that Langley City is the right place for your investment, learn how to make it happen here. Whether you're opening a business, developing land, or considering filming, learn about how to navigate the processes and policies that may apply to you, and learn how and when to pay your fees.
  • Our Future – Learn about Langley City's plans for the future and how they may affect your business idea. Find information on planning initiatives such as our Official Community Plan, neighbourhood land use plans, our Master Transportation Plan, and our sustainability initiatives. You can also learn about our planned infrastructure upgrades, such as street and park improvements.
  • Contacts & Resources – Want to know more? Find contact information for Langley City staff, local business groups, and other organizations that want to help you succeed. You can also access other resources such as mapping and statistics outside of Langley City to make sure you have all the information you need.