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Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

What We Do:

  • Responsible for providing services related to citizens' complaints and bylaw violations in the City.
  • Patrols of City streets conducted on a daily basis.
  • Voluntary compliance sought.
  • Educational programs for schools and other organizations.
  • Work with RCMP and Langley City Fire Rescue Service to ensure public safety.
  • Parking patrols in downtown core six days per week.

Pay Online
Langley City makes it easy for you to pay your municipal notices and tickets. 


Submit a completed dispute form for each ticket you choose to dispute. A dispute form must be submitted to the City of Langley Bylaw Enforcement Department within 14 days from the issuance of the Bylaw Notice (ticket).

Dispute Process

Screening Stage

  1. Submit the Bylaw Dispute Form by emailing
  2. A screening officer will review the details provided by the disputant and the issuing officer. At this point the screening officer will contact you to obtain any further information and communicate their findings resulting in:
         • The Bylaw Notice is cancelled
         • The Bylaw Notice will not be cancelled
  3. If the screening officer cancels the Bylaw Notice no further action will be required. If the Bylaw Notice is not cancelled you will be required to make payment or to confirm that you wish to proceed to an adjudication hearing. Once you proceed to an adjudication hearing, you can only cancel your dispute by paying your Bylaw Notice (ticket) prior to the hearing. Hearing options are available, in person, by phone or in writing.
  4. Once a hearing date has been set you will receive an adjudication package via mail.

Adjudication Stage

At the Adjudication Hearing, evidence is presented and the adjudicator decides if an offence did or did not occur.
          • If an offence did occur, the Bylaw Notice must be paid in full, plus an additional $25 
            administrative fee.
          • If there is not enough evidence to support that the offence occurred, the Bylaw Notice 
            is cancelled.

Animal Control

All other requests for non-emergency services such as barking dogs, unlicensed dogs, lost, stolen or stray pets, please contact:

Langley Animal Protection Society
26220 56 Avenue, Langley, B.C., V4W 1J7
Phone: 604-857-5055
Fax: 604-857-5057

Adoptions are conducted on their site and the public is welcome during hours of operation. Requests for cruelty investigations can be made by contacting the SPCA at 604-574-1711.

Vehicle Towing

If your vehicle is towed by order of Langley City or the RCMP, please contact Clover Towing at 604.513.1900 to make arrangements to recover it.