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Child Care Action Plan

Langley City recognizes that child care is an important service for its residents, enables parents to work and contribute to the local economy, strengthens neighbourhoods and helps to build a more attractive, stable and complete community.

Why Child Care?
While childcare licensing and funding is a provincial responsibility, local governments play an important leadership role in planning, coordinating and advocating for childcare and supporting the delivery of quality childcare and early learning spaces. Child Care is an important need in Langley City, the Langley City’s Child Care Action Plan will help guide Langley City Staff and Langley Child Care Service providers to address childcare needs and issues.

Langley City Child Care Action Plan
Our City is growing, and to shape our municipality into a more livable and healthy for all residents, the City of Langley has developed a Child Care Action Plan to create and facilitate more affordable childcare opportunities in the community.

The City applied for a grant from the Union of BC Municipalities and in the spring of 2019, we received a $25,000 from the Ministry of Social and Family Development. The funds was used to create an action plan outlining actions by the city, service providers and other stakeholders and would lead to the creation of new childcare spaces over the next 10 years.

Draft OCP (Official Community Plan) - Child Care

Part of the new draft OCP (Official Community Plan) a safe and inclusive City rich with community amenities, child care is incorporated into the land use regulations. View the draft OCP HERE

Child Care Action Plan

This study is the first of its kind in Langley City and outlines the current child care situation through consultation and research. The report provides a gaps analysis, an assessment of the need, identifies targets for child care space creation, and outlines strategic actions. The Action Plan includes recommendations and tools to create new child care spaces based on the gaps identified in the Needs Assessment.

Langley City received $25,000 from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) for this purpose, and engaged the services of CitySpaces Consulting to complete this Action Plan.

Findings from this Child Care Action Plan will provide Langley City with a better understanding of the City’s child care needs and a recommended course of action to address the identified gaps.

The recommended actions are grouped within six categories, presented here as priorities:
1. To improve child care affordability.
2. To increase the number of quality licensed spaces.
3. To strengthen partnerships and collaboration.
4. To explore strategies to address staffing challenges.
5. To review existing before and after-school programming and identify areas for expansion.
6. To monitor data and understand how child care needs change over time.

The Child Care Action Plan identifies recommendations and tools to address the challenges and gaps outlined in the Needs Assessment, and outlines an approach to guide Langley City in delivering new child care spaces.

On June 15, 2020, Langley City Council endorsed the Langley City Child Care Action Plan.

Successful child care provision requires partnerships and collaboration. Though many of these actions involve Langley City, the municipal role is primarily related to land use planning, zoning, and convening different parties to pursue actions. Funding is primarily the responsibility of the province, and service delivery is currently provided by the non-profit and private sectors.

For more information about Langley City's Child Care Action Plan, please contact Karlo Tamondong, Recreation Supervisor at or 604-514-2867