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Building Permit Application, Information and Forms

Building Permits, Secondary Suites, Procedures, Bylaws, Applications & More

Building Permit Application Forms & Information Guide 

Single Family Dwelling (SFD) 
SFD Application Form Only
Guide for New SFD
Guide for SFD Addition or Alterations 

Secondary Suite
Building Permit Application Form Only
Guide for Secondary Suite
Secondary Suite Declaration

Accessory Building 
Accessory Building Application Form Only
Guide for Accessory Building
Guide for Conversion to Habitable Space
Guide for Carport to Garage Conversion
Guide for Sundecks

Demolition Permit 
Demolition Application Form Only
Guide for Demolition

Multi-Family Dwelling (New, Additions or Alterations)
Multi-Family Application Form Only
Guide for New & Addition
Guide for Alterations

Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (New & Addition) 
Ind/Comm/Inst Application Form Only 
Guide for Ind/Comm/Inst

Tenant Improvement
Tenant Improvement Application Only
Guide for Tenant Improvement

Sign Permit 
Sign Application Form Only
Guide for Signage

Fire Sprinkler 
Fire Sprinkler System Application

Plumbing Permit
Plumbing Permit Application

Board of Variance
BOV Application Form Only 
Guide to BOV Process


Forms & Supporting Documentations for Building Inspections

Agent's Authorization
Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Repair Report Form
Form 1 (Owners Acknowledgements)
Form 2 (Registered Professional's Proof of Insurance)
Guide for Residential Building Inspections 
Heating System Design Certification
Heating System Installation Certification
Insulation Certificate
Landscape Certification
Release Drawings - Owner's Authorization
Services, Sump & Rockpit Location Diagram
Suite Removal Form
TECA Mechanical Ventilation Checklists.pdf


Design Criteria Manual 


See Schedule 4 - Building Permits Fees & Charges in our Fees and Charges Bylaw


Building and Plumbing Bylaw
Sign Bylaw

Sprinkler Systems:

All buildings and structures will, when constructed or altered, be equipped with sprinklers installed and maintained in accordance with the current NFPA 13 standard.

This part does not apply to the construction of, alteration of or addition to a building or structure, if:

(a) the building or structure is a single-family or two-family residential dwelling;

(b) the total market value of the work authorized by the building permits issued in respect of the building or structure in any consecutive 36 month period, excluding the value of floor covering materials, does not exceed 30% of the most recent assessed value of the building or structure determined by the B.C. Assessment Authority;

(c) the alteration or addition is required for an occupant load not exceeding 60 persons.