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Neighbourhood Profiles

Neighbourhood Profiles

The 2014 Neighbourhood Profiles are the fourth version of the profiles to be published by the City. The first Neighbourhood Profiles were completed in 2001 and incorporated data from the 1996 Canada Census. Updated profiles were produced in 2004 and made use of information from the 2001 Census. Each version has been published to the City’s website and delivered to City residences (targeted to the appropriate neighbourhoods). The Neighbourhood Profiles resulted from a Neighbourhood Planning Study in 2000 that identified six City neighbourhoods based on elementary school catchment areas. The objectives of the Neighbourhood Planning Study were to:

  • Create neighbourhood identity
  • Enhance neighbourhood image
  • Improve local government awareness
  • Protect neighbourhood stability

Through the Neighbourhood Profiles and other initiatives, the City has been working towards achieving these original objectives. Click on the neighbourhood names to download the profiles in PDF format: