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Our Future

A hand-drawn illustrative concept of what downtown Langley City may look like in the future.

Langley City works to play a strong role in creating a thriving city, improving the quality of life for residents, and continuing to grow as a prime choice for business and investment. While recognizing the critical role that the private sector has in bringing forward the housing, jobs, and commercial amenities the city and its residents need, we also strive to support this activity through our own proactive planning initiatives and continued infrastructure upgrades to ensure that Langley City continues to be a regional activity destination.

The future of Langley City is guided by the recently developed Nexus of Community strategy. This plan sets out a vision for the city that responds to the future arrival of SkyTrain to ensure that Langley City maximizes the potential it provides. The strategy goes beyond transportation or land use and presents a comprehensive outlook for the sort of community Langley City strives to be, to be implemented by further conforming plans. Exploring the sections below on Planning and Infrastructure will provide you with finer-grained information on specific initiatives currently in process.

Planning – Numerous planning projects drive the City's direction in its development. Learning about our vision for the future can help you identify your own opportunities to bring that vision forward.

Infrastructure – Langley City puts a priority on continually updating our infrastructure and amenities to maintain a high quality of life and business competitiveness. Between road projects improving access to and from the city for all modes, and park updates providing better access to green space and amenity access to existing and future residents, there is always something underway.