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2023 Council Priorities Announced


For Immediate Release

Langley City, BC – At the beginning of the year, Langley City Council and senior staff held a workshop to discuss their priorities for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. The workshop built upon the successes of the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, 2021-2022 Interim Strategic Plan, and new community needs and expectations that we have heard from residents and businesses.

The workshop focused on creating a one-year action plan based on current priorities, recognizing that a new five-year, rolling strategic plan will be developed over the coming year.

“The goal of the workshop was to confirm and agree on “key” Council priorities and expectations, establish how the plan will remain current, and develop a plan to communicate with the public about its progress,” said Langley City Mayor Nathan Pachal.  “City Council went through several rounds to generate ideas, and we synthesized the list of current priorities into a short-term action plan, recognizing that all ideas remain potentially relevant for the future five-year rolling strategic plan.”

While continuing to provide our regular services to residents and businesses, Langley City Council has prioritized the following list into a one-year action plan, which includes:

  • Evaluate our financial planning process to ensure that it is not only robust, timely, consultative, and transparent but also takes into account current and long-term strategic priorities as well as capital and operating budget requirements identified under the Official Community Plan, asset management plans, and various long term infrastructure plans;
  • Assess potential risks to the City services and partnerships due to political, economic, social, and environmental changes and uncertainty, thereby being able to develop mitigation plans to offset the risks;
  • Review and update the current Tenant Relocation Policy to provide a suite of reasonable and appropriate housing relocation options that will protect the interest of tenants who will be relocated due to redevelopment;
  • Support the Healthy and Resilient Community Dialogue Series that engages community leaders, provincial agencies, social service groups, community partners, residents and business owners, industry experts, and practitioners to examine homelessness, health, social issues, community safety, and well-being issues affecting our community. Through these conversations, we hope to identify best practices and develop a community action plan that addresses the issues and assists us with community planning decisions; and,
  • Ensure we remain focused on completing previous strategic initiatives such as moving forward with Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Nations, updating our Zoning Bylaw to prepare for SkyTrain, creating a Sustainability Charter & Urban Forest Management Plan to tackle climate change and its impacts, and renewing the Fraser Highway One-Way to replace century-old infrastructure.

The City will communicate our progress using communication tools such as printed bi-annual community newsletters, community meetings, public notices, monthly e-newsletters, advertisements, social media, postcards, and the City’s website.

The City looks forward to updating residents and businesses on our progress and eventually revealing the five-year rolling plan in the near future. For more information about the plan, contact the Administration Department at

Media Inquiries:

Samantha Paulson, Communications Officer