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Mayor Nathan Pachal Extends Invitation to Minister Sean Fraser to Discuss Langley City’s Housing Needs


For Immediate Release

Langley City, B.C. – Mayor Nathan Pachal released an encouraging video today, extending an invitation to The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities of Canada, to meet in Ottawa for a discussion on addressing Langley City's housing needs.

In the warm and inviting video, Mayor Pachal shares the City’s vision on tackling housing affordability in Metro Vancouver and highlights the shared goal of ensuring every Langley City resident has access to safe, affordable housing.

Mayor Pachal's invitation emphasizes the spirit of collaboration and cooperation needed to address housing insecurity in Langley City and Metro Vancouver. He stresses the importance of federal support and partnership with local leaders to implement effective solutions. "I believe it is important that all levels of government work together to implement effective solutions. I hope Minister Sean Fraser accepts my invitation to meet in Ottawa to discuss how we can build more affordable homes faster in Langley City. Together, we can explore innovative solutions that will make a real difference in the lives of our community members," emphasized Mayor Nathan Pachal.

The proposed meeting in Ottawa aims to:

  • foster a spirit of partnership and collaboration between federal and municipal leaders;
  • discuss innovative strategies to increase the availability of affordable housing in Langley, and;
  • highlight the shared commitment to addressing housing challenges for the betterment of Langley City's residents.

Watch Mayor Pachal's video here

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