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Operation Waterproof Helps Educate Langley 5th Graders About Water Safety


For Immediate Release

Langley, B.C. [May 24, 2024] — For decades now, in May and June, Al Anderson Memorial Pool staff have been providing water safety education for Langley School District grade 5 students. The Grade 5 Operation Waterproof program teaches young students how to stay safe around water, whether swimming, boating, or navigating icy conditions. The program spans four to five days, with hour-long sessions designed to equip children with lifesaving skills and knowledge.

The Operation Waterproof program provides comprehensive water safety education to Grade 5 students. This invaluable program covers essential topics such as:

  • How to call 911 and the importance of swift action in emergencies
  • Facts about drowning and how to prevent it
  • The critical importance of wearing a lifejacket or a personal flotation device
  • Boating and ice safety measures
  • Techniques for saving someone who is drowning
  • Basic first aid, including how to assist someone who is choking, performing rescue breathing, and treating shock and bleeding

Youth in Canada are statistically at a higher risk of injury or death in aquatic environments. The program aims to mitigate these risks by educating children about water safety and first aid. Skills and knowledge gained from this program are vital for the student's safety and serve as lifelong assets.

"Our goal is to reduce the number of aquatic fatalities in our neighbourhoods by teaching your children first aid and water-safe behaviour," said Karlo Tamondong, Recreation Supervisor from Langley City. "Through the Grade 5 Operation Waterproof program, we are empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent water-related tragedies."

Langley City invites the community to support and recognize the importance of water safety education. Together, we can ensure that our children are prepared to safely enjoy the many water-related activities that our beautiful region has to offer.

For more information about the Grade 5 Operation Waterproof program, please contact:

Al Anderson Memorial Pool 
4949 207 Street 
City of Langley, BC 


Media Inquiries:
Karlo Tamondong
Recreation Supervisor
Langley City