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McBurney Plaza Aerial Display

McBurney Plaza Aerial Display

As you stand amidst the vibrant colours and intricate forms of the McBurney Plaza scenic display, take a moment to relax, breathe in the fresh air and explore the story woven into each leaf suspended around you. This living art installation is a celebration of the local flora of British Columbia, a testament to continued innovative urban design in Langley and a narrative of nature's resilience.

Location: 20518 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC V3A 4G2





Using, modifying, and adding to the existing rigging lines from the previous installation we designed the placement of the leaves to work organically within the McBurney Plaza space. Planning the colour distribution and leave placement to allow space for the existing trees in the plaza for the design to work in harmony. There are a total of 129 leaves hung in 8 different colours from 5 different tree species that can be found in BC.

Larger circles represent the lamp posts and the McBurney Plaza sign posts. The coloured rectangles represent the different colours of the leaves. The types of leaves were organically placed into their rows once cut and painted to provide visual interest and texture when hanging.





The City of Langley chose vibrant summer hues that evoke local nature and fun summer activities. Vibrant pinks and magentas can be found in the blossom colours of azaleas and rhododendrons found in many public gardens. The dreamy blue represents the many lakes and larger bodies of water where we gravitate towards in the summer months. The fresh greens represent the beautiful foliage that abound throughout the lower mainland. Vivid orange and yellow can be found in many wildflowers and plants native to BC such as the sunflower, buttercups, orange hawkweed, and the Tiger lily. The colours also evoke summer images of ice cream, beach toys, and fresh fruits.